Girl Talk: What My Short Hair Made Me Realize


When I chose to cut my hair, for more important reasons than outer beauty, a.k.a looks, I did it because I thought it would lift my spirits. I assumed that cutting my hair would also cut away my inner demons, but it only created more. It created more insecurities, mostly because of what thought society would think of me. It made me question my femininity. It made me question my appearance to the opposite sex. And most of all, it made me question how I felt about myself.

These personal issues came all because I cut my hair. How silly and insane is that?! I realized that through this haircut, I had a new and different perspective on society, on life and on myself. I wasn’t going to allow myself to fall victim to my once impulsively thrilling haircut.

This idea that women are beautiful based on long hair is bullshit. It’s honestly sad that most women would ask me in their “overly concerned” tones and ask “why I cut my beautiful long hair?” As if my hair defined me. As if I were only beautiful with long hair, when ironically, I felt more sexy and mature with my short, high fashionable haircut. That’s when I realized my appearance to men hadn’t really changed. My appearance to women did. They judged me. They pitied me.

I believe that in order for someone, especially a woman, to truly find her inner voice and to truly understand who she is, they must do something extreme. Something beyond their comfort zone that allows them to adapt into something that once seemed impossible. I think as humans and as young, curious adults we should push the boundaries and enter something that feels uncomfortable in order to experience the transformation of our creation. That way when we experience something completely and entirely new it will remain a memory, an unforgettable one.

My short hair has taught me to take more risks. It has allowed me to grow along with it. It has given me the gift of seeing my transformation as it blossoms into a new shape than what it was before. It has taught me to focus on myself. Most of all, it has given me the experience of growing as I follow my path of understanding and transformation as a 20-year-old.


One response to “Girl Talk: What My Short Hair Made Me Realize”

  1. Girl, you’d still look good with a ghastly Mohawk cut. I prefer long hair on women big time, but this looks good. Trust me, a lot of guys were disappointed too, but it’s your life.

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