Four Fabulous Dresses Under $20

Here’s some free fabulous advice my mother always gave me, “You don’t have to buy expensive things to look pretty. If you’re truly pretty, then you can wear anything.”

I believe that to be true. When I was in sixth grade, we were pretty poor. My mom was a single parent raising two kids, and during that time, my mom was in the works of building us a new home. She did it all on her own. So it was nice house over nice clothes.

Because of her, I really value more important things in life, BUT I still love looking fashionable. The great thing about fashion is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes, shoes or accessories. You can look great without breaking the bank.

Most style blogs I’ve come across talk about budget friendly styles, but I always find that the “budget” they’re talking about is over $100. I don’t have that kind of money to blow just on style. Being a college graduate, or even a college student, doesn’t allow for that kind of spending (at least for me).

I figure it’s time I share some of my AFFORDABLE style with you guys! I’m a stickler when it comes to spending money on fashion. I love looking nice, but I hate spending a lot of money when I don’t have to.

Since summer is upon us, I want to share my favorite dresses with y’all! The dresses I’ve selected from my closet can be worn at work, a casual setting (date night, movie night, etc.) or any social gathering (wedding, graduation party, birthday bash, etc.).

Hope you enjoy!

1. Price $3.99 

1I found this fun, vibrant dress at Goodwill. YES, GOODWILL! I’ve found some great items at the thrifty shop and this dress is one of them. I love the cute, unique pattern on this dress and it also has a cute bedazzled top. There are colorful stones that line around the neck, which makes it look like I have a necklace on. This dress is perfect for date night or girl’s night! I also found those shoes online for less than $20 on MakeMeChic

2. Price $14.99 

2I found this sophisticated dress at Ross. Okay, thinking about it, my mom actually found this dress for me. I love the leather top and flowy bottom. I love that the top means business, while the bottom says “let’s have fun!” It’s a great dress to wear to work, especially during the summer. It’s not too long and the top is not too thin. It has a classic pattern that gives this dress a timeless feel. Don’t forget to wear nude undies! 

3. $5.99 

3This dress is another great purchase from Goodwill. This dress has a lot of movement. I’m lifting it up so you can see the pattern better. I love how different this pattern is. Usually brown tones and black don’t match, but with this dress it just works. The material is a bit heavy, but this is a great dress for a more formal event like a wedding, graduation party, or quinceanera.

4. $16.99

4I found this gem at Ross (by accident). I was making a stop at Ross to find some home items, and this dress was placed in one of those sections. My guess is that someone was trying to hide it, but I found it instead! I love the two slits on the side giving it a sexy appeal. You can totally have an Angelina Jolie moment in this dress, too! I also love the top. Its a bit snug (I can’t really wear a bra), but it also shapes your body making it look slimmer. This is a perfect dress to wear to a winery, birthday celebration, or any summer occasion.

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Your Angie moment!


Now, I know that most of these purchases won’t be easy to find since I found them at markdown stores, BUT it also means that you can find great steals (I mean deals) at these kind of places! Don’t rule out Goodwill, Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls when shopping for clothes. I’ve found most of my clothes at these places, and guess what, I always get compliments on dresses, blouses and rompers that were less than $20.

Remember, you don’t have to always splurge on clothes to look and feel beautiful. If you’re truly beautiful, you can wear anything!


I want to know where you find your deals and steals? Share below in the comments! 

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