Beauty Tips: Summer Skincare

What do Lindsay Lohan, Snooki and Donald Trump have in common? They all look orange. They’ve damaged their skin so much from tanning that they look way older than they really are (except for Donald Trump… he’s pretty old). Lindsay Lohan is 6 years older than me, and she looks like she’s 50!

I wanted to share with you guys the wonderful products that I use to keep my skin protected throughout the summer. Having healthy skin should be more important than looking like the cast of Jersey Shore. Trust me, they are so 2009. If you do like tanning, I have you covered as well. I’ve tanned before, and have shared the products I use for sunburns and peeling skin. I know what its like to get sunburned on the scalp, too. No bueno.


Ladies, (and gents) please, please take care of your skin this summer. I hate to sound like a scolding mom, but moms are so right when they bug us about applying sunscreen. Summer is almost here, and if you live in the South or in Cali (I can’t seem to get away from the sun) the biggest and brightest star in our solar system is already shining bright.

Below are the products I mentioned in my video:

1. Sunscreen

I know it can be tough to resist tanning with your friends by the pool or the beach. It makes for a great Instagram post, and if you’ve worked really hard to have a nice body more power to you! All I’m saying is that when you do decided to lay out, put on some sunscreen. It will do wonders to your skin. Who wants to have wrinkles in their 20s? I don’t.


2. Tanning Lotions/Sprays

If you turn red like I do, I highly recommend skipping the heat and using a tanning lotion or spray. It gives your skin a beautiful JLO glow without having to actually sweat or feel the heat!


  • Jergens: Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer (Left: fair to medium, Right: Firming Moisturizer medium to tan)
  • St. Tropez: Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

3. Sunburned Remedies

Let’s just say you’ve already been tanning and skipped the sunblock, well I have you covered. Aloe Vera will be your best friend. I’ve peeled and have turned as red as a lobster before! These products will keep your skin cool (especially if you put the Rose Water and Aloe Vera in the fridge) and the healing process will be a lot faster. I like to use the Cortizone right before I head to bed. It really helps with the peeling. It also soothes your skin by moisturizing it, making your skin less irritated and sensitive.


4. Caps/ Sun hats 

If don’t feel like putting on any sunblock, or if you’re in a rush to head out, the easiest and fastest way to stay protected is to slip on a cap or beach hat. Hats and caps do wonders. They cover messy hair, block away the sunlight from blinding you and shield your face from the sun. Super easy. Plus, it’s always great to support your favorite teams or show off your really cute bedazzled caps (like the one I have pictured).


What products do you use to keep your skin protected? What are your favorite products to use to tan? I want to know! Please, share and like! 

2 responses to “Beauty Tips: Summer Skincare”

  1. Good tips. I would recommend using a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses too. While the cap protects the face, all it takes is one sunburn anywhere to get skin cancer.

    1. So true! Great point. I didn’t even think about sunnies, either.

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