3 Ways Petites Can Look Taller In Flats

Hi Petite Peeps!

I wanna take your shoe game to new heights!

Okay, that was really cheesy. 


Being petite, it’s easy to find yourself constantly wearing heels. I get it. When I go out, I feel the need to wear heels (mostly out of fear that the bouncer will look at my I.D. and think it’s a fake, but I’m 22. I promise!). When I pick out an outfit for work, heels are the first thing I choose (most of the time). On weekends, I give myself a break. I literally do not care if I’m the shortest person at the mall, ice cream shop or movie theater. Concerts are a different story.

I wanted to share with my petites out there 3 fun ways to look (and feel) tall without having to torture your feet in heels all day. They need a break, too! So I’m gonna share #mypetitestyle in hopes that it inspires you to play around with your flats and sneakers.

My Petite Style: 

Disclaimer: My shoe size is 6

Good 'ol chucks
Good ‘ol chucks

Outfit details:

High-waisted jeans make your legs appear longer than they really are (well, high-waisted anything). Look for jeans that are fitting. I prefer skinny jeans because it actually fits and shows my figure. Plus, it gives me more room to play around with my tops.

Bonus tip: I purchased these classic black converse in the kids section! They were way cheaper, and fit better than the size 6. AND, these jeans are $10 at Forever 21. Go get yourself 1… or 2!

Black flats
Black flats

Outfit details:

Since I’m petite, I can get away with wearing really short skirts/shorts/dresses. It shows more skin, making our legs seems longer than they really are. It’s all about illusions, peeps!

Bonus Tip: I found these playful flats at AGAC’I (they were purchased online).  There’s a nail polish and perfume bottle on the flats. They were on sale, too for $12!!!

Sparkle sandals
Sparkle sandals

Outfit details:

Just like flats, have fun with your sandals, too. I love the colorful jewels on my sandals! Pair them with a short, sleeveless dress to add length. Basically, if you’re showing skin in the leg and arm area, you’re gonna looker taller. Since I’m petite, clothes usually swallow me up, so showing skin accentuates my true figure.

Bonus tip: When buying sandals, try searching for sandals that are close to your skin-tone. Nude sandals work best for me (even the sandals shown, are a bit light brown). Nude colored sandals lengthen my legs even more because it’s the same color as my skin. It looks like an extension of my legs. (Same concept applies when buying nude pumps).


I hope these tips helped! I shared #mypetitestyle and want to read about yours! Share some of your favorite styling tips in the comments below. 

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