My Easy Wavy Hair Routine

Hi readers!

Today I wanted to share with y’all my tips and tricks to getting the perfect wavy hair. Before breaking down my routine, I want to just say that I do not curl or straighten my hair everyday. When you constantly flat iron your hair, curl it, or blow dry it, the heat causes major damage.

Having fried hair is not cute. Let your hair rest a bit. Let it be in its natural state. Now, if you’re saying ‘Alyssa my hair is a frizzy mess!’ or ‘Alyssa I cannot go out in public with my natural hair.’ YES YOU CAN! You should totally embrace your natural hair and let it breath. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use hair products to manage your mane. I use volumizing hairspray when I don’t plan on fixing it. I also like to accessorize my hair with cute clips or headbands.

So now that I’ve gone over the boring stuff, let’s get started with my hair routine!


I’ve gotta be honest here, this is not my natural hair. It’s actually pretty wavy, but I haven’t washed it in a day (I know super gross, but when I do go a day without washing my hair, my curls last longer). Sometimes I’ll brush my hair before curling it to get out all the tangles. If I’m in a real rush, I’ll skip the brush. Also, please excuse my bathroom lighting!


Next, I’ll part my hair. If you want big waves, part your hair into larger portions (if that makes sense). If I want bigger waves, I’ll usually only part my hair three times – a bottom, middle and top. If you want small waves, make smaller parts. I’m going to show you my bigger waves look.

I personally like curling my hair with my flat iron. I know. I’m so 2009. I just love the way my Chi Ceramic Hairstyling Iron curls my hair more than the curling irons I’ve tried.

This is going to be a bit confusing to explain so I hope I do it well. When I’m curling my right side, I curl my hair outwards. Think of it as hand cranking in a forward motion.


For the left side I rotate my hands in the opposite direction as the right side. Think of it as hand cranking in a backwards motion.

So by this time I’ve repeated the process two times, with two different parts (bottom and middle). For my bangs, I like to curl smaller sections that are about one inch.


Once you’ve curled your hair, run your fingers through to create a more relaxed and effortless look.


You can’t complete a great look without some hairspray to keep it looking cute the entire day! I love the Not Your Mothers brand. I use more of a volumizing spray rather than a strong hold. I purchased the Not Your Mothers: She’s A Tease spray at ULTA Beauty. If I want a stronger hold, I like to use Garnier Fructis De-constructed Texture Tease. Both hairsparys add volume and a sexy tousled look. Plus, they both smell fun and fruity!


Almost done! I forgot to mention that sometimes I like to sprtiz the Kenra Platinum Thickening Spray. It not only smells great, but it does help keep my curls in place while also adding volume. I also feel like it protects my hair a bit from heat damage. This brand is pretty pricey but I haven’t found a cheaper product that gives me the same satisfaction. When I do find one, I will definitely share.


Finish your look with some coffee!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’d like to see more beauty routines!


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