Beauty Review: Covergirl Plumpify Mascara

Hi dolls!

First and foremost, I received this product courtesy of Influenster in their P&G Beauty Voxbox. I was so excited to get Covergirl’s Plumpify Mascara by Blast Pro! I really wanted to try it. Even if I wasn’t receiving it, I would’ve still bought the mascara.

*All opinions are my own.*

I’ve never tried a Covergirl mascara so, again, I was SUPER excited about this one. I wanted to love this product and I tried really hard to like it, but I just didn’t.


PROS: Your lashes will end up looking long and mostly full.


Huge applicator, makes your eyes look like spider legs, it gets clumpy, and it takes FOREVER to dry.


REVIEW: I HATE it. I know. It makes me sad to say this too. Let me begin with how gimmicky and HUGE the applicator is. Not to mention, it’s kinda hard to take the wand out of the tube. I’m not sure if Covergirl thought bigger wand means bigger lashes, but it just made a bigger mess. I was literally afraid to stab myself in the eye. The brush is so big that you really can’t coat all of your lashes evenly.

The mascara is very watery and gel like. It’s almost the same as gel liner, except it doesn’t dry as fast. It takes FOREVER to dry. You have to be precise when applying the product or else it’s going to get all over your eyelids. It got all over my lids! Not only does it smear all over, but your lashes WILL clump, even with one coat! By the second coat, my lashes looked like spider legs, and there was no way to separate them or make them look full because the mascara still hadn’t dried.

I’m extremely disappointed I did not like this mascara. 😦 Crying because I wanted to love it. I do think that even if I liked the product, it would be very hard for me to buy it. It’s expensive considering it’s a DRUGSTORE mascara. It’s $10.49 at most stores. For a couple more dollars, you could buy high end mascara and actually get the lashes you want!

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