The 10 Best Beauty Tips From My Mom To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Hi dolls!

It’s Mother’s Day and I want to celebrate my fabulous mother by sharing her best beauty tips. My madre is one strong, smart, and sometimes sassy woman. She’s the true definition of a #Girlboss. God not only blessed me and my brother with a wonderful, fabulous mom, but he also blessed us with a great stepmom as well!

To all of the mothers out there, stay fabulous!

Happy Mother's Day


Beauty Tips:

1. Sleep 7-8 hours

2. Limit alcohol drinking to only special occasions (we all know alcohol makes your skin breakout!)

3. Use Dove Soap as a face wash (I use this every night and my skin is so soft!)

4. Never been seen in public without some makeup (True Latina!)

5. Moisturize every night (I wish I did this more)

Happy Mother's Day

6. Wear sunblock (This is a must!!! So glad she has made me do this)

7. Microdermabrasion every other month (A little fancy, but totally worth it!)

8. Dramatize your eyelashes or lips, but not both (Again, she’s such a true Latina!)

9. Always look the part (This is probably the most important. You never know who you’re going to run into)

10. Fake it until you make it (and then know your stuff)

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