Beach Day Essentials For Your Memorial Day Weekend Fun

Hi dolls!

Summer is almost here! If you live in Texas or LA, things are already starting to heat up. It’s almost Memorial Day and we all know a fun day at the beach is just what the doctor ordered! I live in Cali now and you bet your bottom dollar I’ll be soaking up the sun once summer rolls around. Just remember to wear your sunblock because Lord knows that peeling and redness is not a good look (and it’s really bad for your skin!).

I’ve rounded up my favorite beach day items that are both extremely affordable and cute! Of course, I couldn’t leave out sunblock and a big sun hat to block the UV Rays. I found some adorable heart-shaped sunglasses and the cutest looking jelly sandals ever! This tote bag I found just makes me tickled pink because not only is it from Target (steal!) but it has flamingos on the bag. How freakin’ adorable is that?

Beach Day Essentials

Sun hat: Forever 21 – $14.90 (similar item)

Bikini: H&M (Bottoms) – $12.95 (I noticed the top is $14.95)

Beach Bag: Target – $17.99

Sunglasses: H&M – $7.95

Sandals: Go Jane – $17.70

Sarong: H&M – $6.99

Sunblock: L’oreal – $10.99 (It’s SPF 50!)

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