Selena Quintanilla: Dreaming of You

Y’all I could cry writing this post.


Selena touched so many lives and hearts and that’s why I still get emotional just thinking about her. Her music is legendary, her style continues to be seen in trends today and her talent was truly one of a kind.


I love celebrity culture so much that I’m making a career out of it but I’ve never felt so passionate or connected to a celebrity as much as I have with Selena. Her personality was infectious and she made her fans feel like they were part of her family.


I didn’t cry when David Bowie died and I didn’t shed a tear when we lost Prince. It wasn’t because I never listened to their music, but I just never felt connected to them. With Selena, I cry just watching old interviews. I need a box of tissues when I listen to her music and hear the way fans talk about her.


Selena was my first real role model (well, first celebrity role model). I was 3-years-old when she passed away, but you better believe that this little sassy Latina was rocking bedazzled skirts and vests sown by my grandma and I was already singing her songs with my grandma’s tortilla roller.

I’m from Southwest Texas, so Selena was OUR jam.


She was the person who gave Latinos hope that we could aspire to be anything. She paved the way and put us on the map. In fact, she was so beloved that People Magazine discovered the Spanish market was a profitable one after completely selling out their Selena tribute issue.


I really wish Selena was still alive today. I know she would’ve had a successful fashion line, makeup collection and movie career. I’m just glad her impact has been so powerful that one of her dreams came true.

Mac cosmetics learned that when Latinos are passionate and excited about something, we put our heart and soul into it. They made the Mac x Selena collection after her fans urged the company to create the makeup line. Now that the line is out, I can’t even get my hands on it!


If it weren’t for Selena, I’m not sure we would have Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Sofia Vergara or all of the great Latinas dominating Hollywood right now. She broke the mold and inspired us to embrace our heritage, curves and passions.


She put Latinos in the spotlight and she gave us hope that we think big and turn our dreams into a reality with hard work, strong values, and courage. She was such a magnetic force that I know she would still be more popular than ever – I mean, she still is after all of these years.


This is my little tribute to Selena, and I hope that I can get my fingers on her makeup collection. Stay tuned for more Selena tributes and tutorials.

P.S: While these images are not new, I did want to compile all of my Selena inspired makeup looks/outfits for this post. She has seriously meant so much to me. ❤

This is my all time favorite Selena song:



2 responses to “Selena Quintanilla: Dreaming of You”

  1. Ruben Escamilla Avatar
    Ruben Escamilla

    ​I am so glad that people like you keep her spirit alive. When we were on tour with our Tejano band in the 90’s, I was so fortunate to get to meet her and be on stage in the same festival in S.A. She was very special. Thanks for keeping her alive through your posts.

    I am sure your mom has told you how proud we are of you, especially me. I try to use examples of our students who have gone to do great things and you are definitely one of them. If you can do me a favor. Send me a photo so I can frame but sign it so kids will know you were my student. Let me know if this is possible and I will send address or just give it to your mom.

    Thanks for all you keep doing and representing our school and community with pride. Take Care and Stay Safe.

    Your Old Prose Coach,



    1. Aww. Thanks so much for the lovely words. That is amazing that your band was able to play at the same festival Selena was performing! So cool. Hope you’ve been well! I’ll be sure to send a photo and mail it out to my mom so she can hand it to you! Thanks for reading my blog and believing in me all of these years.

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