Fashion Dupes: 3 Shoes That Are Just as Gorgeous as the More Expensive Ones

Hi chicas,

Nothing makes me happier than shoes. With shoes, you don’ have to stress about your size – like, my size has remained the same since jr. high. Awesome, right?

Whether I’m rocking chunky block heels, sparkly sneakers or classic black flats, shoes put me in a great mood. I get so giddy when I add a new pair to my collection.

While I believe you should invest in shoes and purses, I don’t think all of your kicks need to be expensive.

Let me explain:

The way I see it, when you invest in closet staples like black flats or knee-high boots, they are more likely to last you a long time. It makes sense to spend more money on comfort, quality material for shoes that will go with pretty much anything for a few years.

However, when it comes to trendy items I think it’s better to buy less expensive shoes. Why? Because they’re more likely to go “out of style” within a couple of months (even though you should always wear whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want).

So with that in mind, I want to share some of the cutest dupes I’ve purchased/am coveting.

Steve Madden strappy heel: $79.95

3 Shoes that are dupes

Target slide sandals: $24.99

3 Shoes that are dupes

Chiara Feragani sneakers: $179

3 Shoes that are dupes


Windsor eyes on you sneakers: $22.90

3 Shoes that are dupes

Miu Miu studded ballet flat: $890

3 Shoes that are dupes

Zara ballet flat with straps: $69.90

3 Shoes that are dupes

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