ColourPop BFF Mascara Review: My Honest Thoughts

colourpop mascara review

When it comes to mascara, I’m all about it. That’s the one step in my makeup routine that fills me with delight. While others are getting lash extensions and perms, I’m over here applying two or three coats of mascara—and that’s just how I like it.

However, because I love mascara so much, I’m very picky about what I use. It takes a lot to impress me. For me, I need to have sky-high lashes that also look full and fluttery. If a mascara can’t give me both length and volume, then in the trash it goes.

So when ColourPop announced its first-ever mascara line, which claims to “instantly volumize, lift and lengthen lashes,” I knew I needed to try it.

ColourPop Cosmetics BFF Mascara in Black on Black, $8

colourpop mascara review

Without further ado, check out my review of the mascara below.


colourpop mascara review


colourpop mascara review

Upon first application, I noticed how fanned out my lashes looked. You can see the huge difference between my left and right eye—and how much drama the mascara added.

The wand has an hourglass shape, too, so it hugs, curls and coats all of your lashes.


colourpop mascara review

With both lashes coated with mascara, my lashes are looking fluttery and long. While I personally would love to have more volume, I was impressed with how lifted and curled my lashes looked.


colourpop mascara review

With two coats, I most certainly had Bambi-looking lashes. You can see how sky-high they look and they’re also full. However, they do look a bit spidery for my taste. But nonetheless, the length and volume are there.

I also noticed that during the second coat of mascara, it started to flake off a bit. The formula dries really fast, and I’d recommend applying another coat before it’s fully dried down.


colourpop mascara review


For $8, I’d highly recommend this product. Especially if you want a mascara that lifts, lengthens your lashes. While I would’ve loved to have more volume and less spidery-looking lashes, I’ll still be reaching for this product. I’d compare it to L’Oréal’s Lash Paradise, but a little bit better. (The L’Oréal one tends to clump up while this one doesn’t and I personally like that more.)

Overall, it’s a solid mascara!

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