Ranking New Foundations: From Pat McGrath Labs to Flesh Beauty and More

2019 Foundation Reviews

If you’re a beauty devotee, then you’ve seen the countless foundations that have launched in the last few weeks. From Pat McGrath’s much-talked about collection to Laura Mercier’s newly formulated (and beloved) tinted moisturizer.

Luckily, I’ve been able to get my hands on some of the latest and greatest (thanks PR peeps!). However, while many products are already receiving rave reviews, others haven’t lived up to the hype.

*Sips tea*

2019 Foundation Reviews

Below are my honest thoughts on some of the newly released foundations—with before and after pics included. Making things easier? I’ve ranked them from best to worst, so you can easily find out which ones are worth your coin. And since this part of the beauty world doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, I’ll be updating this list as more foundations hit the market.


2019 Foundation Reviews

One word: wow. This is the latest foundation to make it into my “must-have” category. I’ve been wearing it every day for a little over a month and can’t get enough. What I love the most about this product is that it’s lightweight and long-lasting. It lasts through an 8-hour work day and a 30-minute work out (I try not to exercise with makeup on but sometimes it happens).

I can wear it with or without a primer and it will still hold up throughout the day. And since it’s enriched with rose hip oil, your skin will have a nice glow to it. However, it won’t leave you feeling greasy or overly dewy (again, a look I’m not a fan of).

And just because it’s lightweight doesn’t mean it can’t offer coverage. One pump covers everything—from blemishes to redness to dark circles. If anything, I rarely use a concealer when I use this foundation because I find that I don’t need it. My skin looks brighter, radiant and there’s no imperfections in sight.

This product is luckily sold at Ulta, so you can pop into the store and fight your right shade. It comes in 44 shades total. All in all, I’m blown away by this foundation.


2019 Foundation Reviews

Let me begin by saying the matte glass packaging is pretty deceiving when it comes to the actual shade in the bottle, but luckily, I found a perfect match in Custard, a warm yellow tone.

Upon application, I immediately loved how natural it looked and how lightweight it felt. It was like my skin, but better. But tbh, that’s what I’d expect from a product named “Pure Flesh.” What I loved most about this foundation was its ability to cover my redness, blemishes and dark spots, especially since it’s a medium coverage formula. It also gave my skin a nice lit-from-within glow.

Since it’s formulated with aloe vera, glycerin, squalane and other moisturizing ingredients, my skin definitely looked plump and hydrated. However, because of this, I found myself touching up my T-Zone throughout the day. Personally, I hate looking greasy or dewy, so that was the only downside to this foundation. But if you’re a fan of that effect, then you’ll have zero issue with this product.

All in all, this has become one my foundation holy grails. It’s truly beautiful and makes your skin look radiant. I’ve been using it for several weeks now and can’t get enough.

PS: This is sold at Ulta, so I’d def try getting shade matched in store.


2019 Foundation Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised by this tinted moisturizer, a product I typically hate. I’m a medium-to-full coverage hoe. However, this Laura Mercier product is making me feel some type of way!

Upon first application, I wasn’t initially impressed with it. The tinted moisturizer looked a little muddy and didn’t really conceal any imperfections in my skin, like my redness and blemishes. Once I let is set in and absorb into my skin, it did, however, even out my skin tone. Adding powder also helped.

Most of all, I loved how lightweight it looked and how hydrating it felt (my skin has been so dehydrated lately). But, I want to note that because it is more of a moisturizer formula, it does make the skin look dewy and shiny, a look I’ve mentioned is not my fave. Because it’s also 800 degrees outside, I like that it’s infused with sunscreen. And unlike other products formulated with SPF, this one isn’t goopy or heavily scented.

Overall, I’ll be using this on days when I don’t want a full face of makeup, but rather something to even out my complexion and to protect my skin from the sun’s harmful rays. However, I’ll be sure to keep a powder on hand since it brings out my oils.


2019 Foundation Reviews

*Insert crying emojis* Sorry Mother, but I’m not a fan of this foundation. It cakes up and I hate that I can feel it on my skin after a couple hours of wear.

Upon first application, I loved how easily and evenly it applied—I used a brush at first, and then blended out any spots with a sponge. Since it’s infused with a Diamond Core Powder Technology, it gives the skin a radiant glow and filter-like finish. And like its claim, it’s truly buildable from sheer-to-medium coverage.

However, after a couple hours of wear, I noticed that it easily separated and caked up around my nose and chin area. And before someone says anything, I also used the brand’s primer and setting powder that’s supposed to work seamlessly with the foundation. Even when I switched the primer and setting powder to products I typically use, the same thing happened.

Even though I wanted to love this more, it just didn’t work out. I’ll still keep playing around with it, but on days where I don’t leave my house! P.S.: the pics I took were on different days but you can still see how the foundation looked upon first application and by the end of the day.


2019 Foundation Reviews

Sadly, this was another foundation disappointment. While my skin looked radiant and fresh for the first couple of hours, it quickly went down hill after that.

Upon first application, I loved how natural-looking this foundation made my skin and how lightweight it felt. But after a few hours of wear, I became oily around my nose and forehead. In fact, you could start to see my pimples peeking through on my chin and the foundation around my nose separated and created a weird line. This surprised me since the brand claims its hyaluronic acid ingredients help to maintain hydration.

Aside from the areas where I looked shiny, the rest of my skin looked hella dry. What’s more? This foundation also broke me out!

It’s safe to say I will not be using this again.

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