Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review: My Honest Thoughts

Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review

Y’all already know the drill—I love mascara. It’s one of my favorite things to apply in my makeup routine (bronzer is a close second). So when a beauty editor friend got her hands on an extra  Too Faced Damn Girl mascara for me, I was beyond thrilled to try it out.

As a huge fan of the brand’s Better Than Sex mascara, I was curious to see if Damn Girl would give me the same effect—you know, sky-high lashes with extreme volume. While it definitely didn’t disappoint in the lengthening department, there were a few things that I wish were better.

Below is my review of the brand’s latest goodie.

one coat vs none

Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review

The first coat most certainly lifted and elongated my lashes. Because the wand is so chunky, I had to apply the mascara precisely. Typically, I’m able to wiggle the wand through my lashes in fast motions, but for this one, I had to make sure I coated each lash individually and slowly or else it would clump together or get all over my lid.

side by side

Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review

Again, you can see the maximum length this mascara gave my lashes. FYI: I had zero product on my right eye.

PS: I also took off my red lipstick (I felt it was a distraction hehe).

Two coats on both lashes

Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review

For the second coat, I didn’t really notice a difference from the first. My lashes were still long, lifted and wispie-looking.


Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review

However, once I coated both lashes twice, I realized that they were starting to look a bit spidery and clumpy.  In fact, some of my lashes stuck together and wouldn’t separate, so it looked weird and unflattering.

Hot tip: Wipe the excess product that comes off the wand so your lashes won’t stick together and become flaky throughout the day.

Better than sex mascara compared to damn girl

Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review

If you notice (and as I mentioned before) the Damn Girl wand is a lot larger and thicker than the Better Than Sex product. Personally, I find it gimmicky, unnecessary and unhelpful when it comes to using it. Because it’s so chunky, it gets all over your lids and the lash line. Plus, it pulls out a lot more product, making it messy.

Close-up of the wands

Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review

Another thing I noticed when comparing the two, is that a lot of product comes off the Damn Girl wand. The formula easily gets gloopy and creates a big blob on the top of the barrel. If anything, it reminds me of how messy the L’Oréal Lash Paradise mascara gets after about a month of use.

I also want to note that my mascara’s scent was potent. It smelled like a mix between rubber and Vasaline. I found that the fragrance didn’t really disappear; I definitely got whiffs of it throughout the day.

Now, I’m not sure if that’s the case with this item or if it’s just the one I got, but I want to share in case you’re sensitive to fragrances.

final thoughts

Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Review

Overall, I think this product is okay—I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars. It wasn’t awful but it also wasn’t great either. I think if you love Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara, then keep investing in that. Damn Girl is only a better option if you want super long lashes, only want to do one coat and have the time (and patience) to coat each lash individually. But again, keep in mind that the wand is unnecessarily thick and the formula clumps up easily.

Will you be purchasing this? Let me know in the comments below!

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